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“Russkoye Polye” company is an agroholding with a complete production cycle, from raw stuff preparation to finished product sale.

Main facilities:

  • “Pavlovskaya” and “Tsentralnaya” poultry farms (broiler chicken and Cherry Valley duck breeding),
  • “Diveyevskoye” poultry farm (sales of market and quail egg),
  • “Bolshemurashkinskiy” stud farm, “Gorbatovskoye” JSC and “Nizhegorodskoye” LLC (milk production and cattle breeding),
  • II order pedigree breeding unit “Vozrozhdeniye-1”,
  • “Pavlovskaya” feed stuff production agriculture company,
  • Soy oil and cake production facility “Chagrinskiy Oil Production Plant”,
  • “Pavlovskaya Kurochka” brand store chain,
  • “Russkoye Polye” Managing Company.

Our history

  • 2006
  • 2008
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2020

2006 – the year of “Russkoye Polye” Managing Company” LLC foundation.

The first time, the Managing Company controlled three enterprises:
– “Pavlovskaya” Poultry Farm LLC (broiler chicken breeding and meat processing),
– “Diveyevskoye” Poultry Farm LLC (market egg production),
– “Pavlovskaya” Farm Company LLC (feed stuff production).

At that time, the main production principle of the “from field to counter” complete production cycle was implemented, which helps us keep leading positions and ensure intense business development for the second decade by now.

In 2008, the most important event for the Company occurred: the first “Pavlovskaya Kurochka” brand store was opened. Now, 208 stores of the brand retail chain are opened.

“Vozrozhdeniye-1” LLC joins the Agroholding in 2008. The company started its operations as a II order pedigree breeding unit in 2001. It is the first and most important link in the broiler chicken breeding chain.

In 2015, Agroholding started the complete modernization of its pedigree breeding unit, “Vozrozhdeniye-1” LLC, to solve the issue of supplying its sites with hatching eggs. On the “Zorinskiy” site, a new poultry house was modernized and put into operation, new equipment from Germany was installed for young replacement stock breeding; three workshops were restored to life on the “Idolga” site, and global reconstruction of all the facilities took place.

In 2016, “Vozrozhdeniye-1” LLC became a winner of the “Investor of the Year” competition.

2011 was marked by two important events for the Company. That year, “Tsentralnaya” Poultry Farm, LLC joined the Agroholding; since its foundation in 1981, the Farm has been active in the production of poultry meat products and was one of the key poultry meat producers in the Vladimir Region.

In May 2019, a decision was made on “Tsentralnaya” Poultry Farm re-profiling from chicken to duck meat production. Nowadays, the enterprise produces high-quality products from duck meat, under “Utinaya Ferma” brand.

Also, in 2011, “Pavlovskaya Kurochka” store chain franchising activity was launched. Today, the franchising network includes over 110 stores.

In 2012, “Nizhegorodskoye” LLC, active in stock breeding, joined the Agroholding.

Stock breeding “Nizhegorodskoye” LLC is the only company in the region producing the genetic material for the complete artificial insemination cycle. The farm founded in 1972 breeds elite seed bulls of domestic and foreign breeds: white-and-black, Holstein, Schwyz, Hereford.

“Bolshemurashkinskiy” Stud Farm LLC joined the Agroholding in 2013. For more than 100 years, “Bolshemurashkinskiy” Stud Farm LLC has been active in breeding the unique Schwyz breed of cows whose milk features high protein and fat content and is ideally suitable for making various kinds of cheese and other dairy products.

The Farm sells 10% of the cattle pedigree stock in regions of Russa and CIS member states.

The Agroholding’s thriftbox started refilling with international awards brought from IFFA Exhibition in Germany in 2016. The medals prove the high standard of production and product quality of “Pavlovskaya Kurochka” brand. Romanov V.V., the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Russkoye Polye” Managing Company LLC, was awarded the well-deserved premium “Man of the Year, 2016”.

All of this confirms the highest level of our products quality, stability and continuous development of “Russkoye Polye” Agroholding.

“Chagrinskiy Oil Production Plant” LLC is one of the youngest enterprises of the Agroholding. It was founded in 2012 and joined the Agroholding in 2017.

This enterprise’s main field of activity is oil-seed processing. First, the production was focused on sunflower seed processing, but the market lays down the rules: after joining the Agroholding, the Oil Production Plant has been specializing exclusively in soybean processing. The soy oil and cake produced by the Plant are included in high-quality feed stuff produced by “Pavlovskaya” Farm Company LLC which enjoy merited recognition from third-party buyers.

2018 became a year of large-scale development for “Pavlovskaya” Poultry Farm LLC: a new complex, consisting of a finished products warehouse and modern cooled semi-finished product production workshop with the capacity of 50 tons of product per day, was launched.

On the area over 4000 square meters, automated lines for cutlet, kupati, and other semi-finished products from chicken meat were installed.

Cooled semi-finished product manufacture, with no freezing, high capacity, ideal sanitary and temperature conditions, state-of-the-art processes, well-adjusted logistics, all that supports “from field to counter in 24 hours” principle.

In 2020, the Agroholding was joined by “Gorbatovskoye” JSC. The farm was established in 1929 as black-and-white cattle stud farm, milk processing plant, and grain production plant.

“Gorbatovskoye” JSC is a leader in the Pavlov district in terms of total milk production and milch cow productivity. It’s the only farm in the district that has a milk processing workshop producing various kinds of dairy products.

Quality without compromise

We produce our products from own raw stuff which we are sure of 100%. HACCP Quality Control and Safety System cover all the processes: from young stock setting to shipping finished products to retail stores.

The Agroholding’s operating principle is “from farm to counter in 24 hours”. The feed stuff used for poultry breeding contains no chemical additives, genetic biostimulants, antibiotics, or GMO. The human risk factor is minimized: smart machines hash and form cutlets, feed chickens and ducklings, monitor the health condition of cows and calves in real time. Finished products are subjected to microbiological, physical and chemical, and organoleptic testing.

Enterprises of “Russkoye Polye” Agroholding pass successfully audits of Russian and international trading networks. According to the results received by independent laboratory studies, “Pavlovskaya Kurochka” broiler chicken meat was highly appreciated by “Roskachestvo” ANO.

Main priorities of “Russkoye Polye” Agroholding:
  • Keeping leading positions among poultry meat in the Central and Privolzhskiy Federal Districts;
  • Expansion to new market segments at the account of duck meat production increase;
  • Development of own recipes in line with the advanced world trends;
  • Increase of production flexibility for fast adaptation to always changing market conditions, introduction of “lean manufacturing” technologies;
  • Export of meat and by-products to China, extension of pedigree cattle sales to agricultural enterprises of Russian and CIS member states;
  • Ensuring the food security of Russia and increase of the domestic product quality level.


Gold and silver medals received at the exhibition of German Union of Meat Product Manufacturers IFFA-2016
100 Best Products of Russia
Awards at the All-Russia Exhibition “Golden Autumn” in 2010 through 2021
Nomination “Innovative Product of 2013” at “ProdExpo” exhibition
Nizhniy Novgorod Quality Mark 2020-2021
Victories in “Food Product World” Taste-Offs

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