Crop Science

All our enterprises engaged in crop science consider the main goal of their activities to grow high-quality and “green” products. “Russkoye Polye” Agroholding is one of the largest land-owners in the Privolzhskiy Federal District, with 17,600 hectares of agricultural land. Main crops include wheat, rye, barley, and pea. All agricultural products harvested are used for the production of high-quality feed stuff for poultry and livestock and is included in the Holding’s complete production cycle “from field to counter”.

Soybean Processing

Due to the growth of meat production volumes in Russia, demand for soybean processing products is growing as well.

Feed Stuff Production

The operation basis of any enterprise engaged in poultry or cattle breeding is high-quality, nutritious, and natural feed stuff. The composition of feed stuff has a direct influence on its conversion to muscle mass and meat quality, so the production of own feed stuff for the needs of the holding is one of the most important fields of our activity.

Livestock and Dairy Breeding

Many years of breeding, selection of the best population representatives, and application of advanced technologies together form the foundation of our enterprises’ activities concentrated on livestock and dairy breeding.

Hatching Egg Production

The enterprise breeds chickens of elite white breed, Lomann White, whose eggs feature large size and strong snow-white eggshell. The basis of the poultry’s ration is natural selected feed stuff, with no artificial additives, growth biostimulants, gene engineering products. Two wells with the purest water operate within the enterprise, laying hens drink only artesian water. Optimum environment is ensured for the hens, to ensure their good health: European equipment is used to control and maintain optimal lighting regime, air temperature and humidity parameters.

    The process of egg collection and sorting is fully automatic. The sorting and packing workshop is equipped with a high-productivity line capable of determining with high accuracy market egg weight and size, detecting poor-quality eggs and sending for re-processing. Also, the enterprise sells quail eggs, the product of high value due to their antibacterial, immunomodulating, and anti-lesion properties.

Marketable Egg Production

“Diveyevskoye” poultry farm located on the land with deep Orthodox roots, near the Diveyevo Monastery, one of the most venerated holy places of Russia. Also, this region is famous for its pristine purity and favorable natural environment.

Duck Meat Production

As opposed to the world’s experience of duck breeding using corn feed stuff, our poultry is bred using natural selected feed stuff, grain for which is grown on our own fields to be then processed at our own feed-stuff plant, with strict proportioning.

Broiler Chicken Meat Production

Complete breeding cycle, modern poultry treatment technologies, observance of the highest veterinary safety standards are the foundation for the Agroholding’s constant leadership on the poultry meat market.

Meat Processing

The pace of modern living leaves less and less time for cooking; then, products produced by manufacturers come to the aid.

Retail Trade Network

“Pavlovskaya Kurochka” is a neighborhood store chain for those who live con gusto, value their time and select only freshest products for their families. Own brand retail stores are the final link of the “from field to the counter” supply chain; one can always purchase fresh products produced at the Holding’s enterprises, at an affordable price.