Broiler chicken breeding is a flagship field of “Russkoye Polye” Agroholding’s activity.

Hatching egg is supplied from own pedigree breeding unit, “Vozrozhdeniye-1” located in the Saratov Region. There, the parent stock is kept, too. 2.5 million highly productive cross of broiler chickens, ROSS, live at the same time on two sites of “Pavlovskaya” Poultry Farm. The chickens grow in spacious premises with a unique microclimate. A computerized control system, automated supply of natural feed stuff, nipple watering ensures comfortable conditions for poultry breeding.

The production process is certified according to ISO 9001 HACCP. Thanks to the most stringent quality control system and lean production process, we ensure process precision and efficiency. Poultry meat processing unit of European origin ensures the highest quality of production and product compliance with the strictest quality standards.

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Innovations for development

The Company’s administration keeps us alert by constantly setting new prospective tasks. To resolve those, we need to be aware of innovations, new and prospective solutions in the field of poultry breeding.

Romanov Georgiy Alexandrovich

Executive Director of “Pavlovskaya” Poultry Farm LLC



Saratov Region, Tatischevskiy District, Idolga settlement, Tsentralnaya str., 44

+7 (8452) 25-99-80



“Vozrozhdeniye-1”, II order pedigree breeding unit, is the initial and most important link in the company’s production chain. The farm supplies hatching eggs to “Russkoye Polye” Agroholding’s poultry farms in the Nizhniy Novgorod and Vladimir Regions, and to third-party customers as well. In 2019, major projects for poultry breeding environment improvement and productivity increase were launched.


High-quality hatching eggs

Chickens with high growth speed and meat yield

Winner of the “Investor of the Year of the Saratov Region” contest

Предприятие в цифрах

37 million pcs.

of hatching eggs a year

4 times

Production capacity increased 4 times after the Poultry Farm joined “Russkoye Polye” Agroholding in 2008

300 million rubles

of “Russkoye Polye” Agroholding’s investments in the site development

“Pavlovskaya” Poultry Farm

Nizhniy Novgorod Region, Pavlovo District, Dolgovo village, 1A

+7 (83171) 7-06-18павловскаякурочка.рф

“Pavlovskaya” Poultry Farm

“Pavlovskaya” Poultry Farm

Flagship enterprise of “Russkoye Polye” Agroholding. 2.5 million broiler chickens live on two sites in spacious premises. The production process is certified according to ISO 9001 HACCP. The modern killing line of European origin ensures the highest quality speed of production and product compliance with the most stringent quality standards. A new semi-finished product workshop was launched in 2018. It can produce up to 50 tons of various products a day. Smart machines cut meat, form cutlets, wrap the filling completely independently. The raw stuff is cooled, but not frozen, poultry meat delivered directly from the killing workshop, without interim warehousing. This allows for maintaining all useful properties of the product, and the Company guarantees 10 to 12 days of shelf life. The product line includes products in natural coating, without any artificial colorants and flavoring materials. Smoke curing is performed with the use of alder cuts only.


Broiler chicken meat has a high rating of Roskachestvo

Delivery from farm to counter in 24 hours

“Pavlovskaya” Poultry Farm is a participant in the “Lean Province” Project of the Government of the Nizhniy Novgorod Region and Rosatom State Company

Торговые марки
Предприятие в цифрах

45 тыс. thousand tons a year,

broiler chicken meat production, live weight

350 SKU

product line