Wheat-based feed stuff allows us to receive the most clean, tender, tasteful, and nutritious meat within short terms of breeding. Our ducks breeding cycle duration is 38–40 days. That’s why our meat is not as fatty as that of a grown duck which is bred for over 3 months.  Ducks of English breed, Cherry Valley, are bred in our company. A distinguishing feature of this breed is low-fat content, fast growth of mass, high tastefulness of the meat.

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Healthy and green

Duck meat is the most genetically healthy meat. Duck requires fewer vaccinations, does not use antibiotics throughout its life cycle, so this type of meat is the healthiest and greenest.

Morozova Svetlana Fedorovna

Executive Director of “Tsentralnaya” Poultry Farm LLC


“Tsentralnaya” Poultry Farm

Vladimir Region, Vladimir, “Energetic” micro-district, Severnaya str., 3

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“Tsentralnaya” Poultry Farm

“Tsentralnaya” Poultry Farm

Since its establishment in 1981, “Tsentralnaya” Poultry Farm has been focused on producing chicken meat products. Today, the main inhabitants of the Farm are ducks of English breed Cherry Valley. “Russkoye Polye” Agroholding is investing 1.5 billion rubles in the development of the Vladimir site, to set up complete cycle production of cooled duck meat and semi-finished products with 18 thousand tons annual capacity. Duck meat is an excellent source of high-quality protein, it contains a well-balanced set of Omega-3 and Omega-6 amino acids, rich in iron, phosphorus, vitamins of B group. It is a growing market segment: duck meat demand in Russia has doubled during the past five years. The first stage of duck breeding started at “Tsentralnaya” Poultry Farm in August, 2019. After reaching the design capacity, up to 1 million heads will be bred here, which will make the Farm one of the largest in the Central Russia. The advantageous geographical location guarantees fresh product supply to trading chains of Moscow and Moscow Region as well as the Vladimir and Nizhniy Novgorod Regions within a 24-hour period.


Meat of Cherry Valley ducks is less fatty: only 8%, as compared to 15% of other breeds

The English ducks grow fast, in 42 days, while the adolescent period of other breeds lasts for 54–56 days.

“Tsentralnaya” Poultry Farm’s products have the “Halal” certificate proving its safety, quality, and compliance with the religious nutrition traditions.

Предприятие в цифрах

> 18 thousand tons

of duck meat a year, – design capacity

> 300 employees

working at the poultry farm

30% -

“Russkoye Polye” Agroholding’s share of the Russian duck meat market